January 04, 2019

The Larynx is the home of the AMAZING Vocal Folds! The Vocal Folds create sound when they are set into vibration by our breath. The top layer of the Vocal Folds provides them with structure. The deeper layers are set into vibration hundreds and even thousands of times per second as they vibrate. Depending on vocal fold tension, air flow, and resonance, the vocal folds collide with varying amounts of force. As singers, our goal is to help the Vocal Folds collide with minimal force for every vocal task - even things like belting. Your Vocal Folds will vibrate many hundreds of millions and even BILLIONS of times in your life. So, keep them healthy by avoiding squeezy strain, pushy breathing, and spready mouths. If you do, your Vocal Folds will continue to be amazing always!

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