December 06, 2018

How are Vowel sounds made? Each Vowel has its own FORMANTS. Formants are resonances of the vocal tract. The pharynx creates the first Formant and the oral cavity creates the second Formant. The first and second Formant are called Vowel Formants because they are responsible for the way we hear the strength and color of each vowel. The configuration of the tongue, larynx, soft palate, jaw opening and pharynx determine the resonance of these Vowel Formants. As a result, there are endless ways that singers can articulate and modify vowels. However, our first goal is to produce consistently clear and understandable Vowel sounds throughout our vocal range. Once you've got your vowels all sounding like themselves, you can modify them for more strength and color. Or, in other words, you can FORM your FORMANTS!

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