July 11, 2018

What's a "Melisma"? A Melisma is a group of notes all sung on the SAME syllable. We see Melismas in many musical styles - from art songs to pop riffs. Surprisingly, singing multiple notes on ONE syllable requires a lot more precision and technique than singing multiple syllables. Practice Melismas by first repeating your primary syllable on each note. For example, if you sing the word "no" over five notes, then sing "no no no no no." Next, try grouping just TWO of the notes together. Did your vowel change between those notes? Did one particular note feel better than the other? Did losing the starting consonant affect your technique? Make adjustments in order to maintain consistent technique across the entire Melisma. Then, keep grouping more and more notes together until you're singing your full Melisma like a pro!

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