March 13, 2018

Give your Larynx a BREAK! The Larynx's primary function is as a safety valve. It's designed to protect the lungs from being invaded by food, drink, and foreign objects. It also seals off the airway to assist with the act of heavy lifting and other physical tasks. During singing, it's vital that we override these anatomical functions. If we don't, the Larynx and vocal folds become too gripped and squeezed for healthy singing. Instead, we must allow air to flow through the Larynx at a small and steady rate. This allows the vocal folds to vibrate freely and make sound. Trying to sing without this steady airflow is the equivalent of driving a car with the BRAKE on! While braking is a natural function, it's time to let a little air through. Give your Larynx a BREAK!

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