March 11, 2018

"Sing from your DIAPHRAGM!" That's something every singer must do! Right? Hmmm. WRONG actually. In fact, it's impossible to sing from your Diaphragm! The Diaphragm is a muscle that ONLY inhales. It's active during inhales and passive during exhales. Singing happens when we exhale. So, instead of singing from the Diaphragm, we instead need to ISOLATE our Diaphragm when we inhale. How do we do this? It's as simple as making sure our inhalations are deep, calm, effortless, and free of upper-body tension. It may come as a surprise to you that "singing from the Diaphragm" is a myth. Yet, even though you cannot sing from your Diaphragm - nobody can stop you from singing from your Soul!

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