August 15, 2017

Great vocal technique is often about taking things APART more than putting them together. When we make a "yawny" sound, typically the back of the tongue lowers, the larynx lowers, and the soft palate ascends. When we make an especially "nasal" sound, the back of the tongue goes higher, the larynx rises, and the soft palate lowers. These relationships tend to feel natural. BUT! With a bit of coordination, we can combine elements of both! For example, try lowering your larynx and lifting your soft palate, but with the back of your staying tongue high. Or, try letting your larynx and tongue rise, but without letting the sound enter the nasal cavity. Modifying one or two elements of what feels natural can result in new resonances that your voice needs. The more you can DISSOCIATE the elements of vocal anatomy, the more possibilities your voice will have!

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