August 11, 2017

Sometimes we're not the STAR. Sometimes we perform in small groups, in choirs, as backup singers, or as a part of an ensemble in a musical. In these moments, it's important to still give our ALL! It's sometimes tempting to give less than our best because we think nobody will notice or that it doesn't matter as much since we're in a group. Yet, the reverse is true! The great Stanislavski once said, "There are no small parts, only small actors". These wise words remind us that no matter what role we play in a performance situation, we ought to put forward our best work. This way of thinking will impact those who see and hear you perform far more than you'd think. Approaching every performance situation with full excellence cultivates a star mentality that will lead to solo and leading role opportunities! Be a star ALL the time! …even when you think nobody is watching…

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