August 04, 2017

Try the Vocal INTENSITY Scale! Eliminating vocal tension can be far simpler than we often believe. But, this involves adjusting the way we THINK about the voice. Most difficult vocal tasks don't require the intensity and force that we assume that they will take. Use a scale from 1 through to 10 to self-monitor your Vocal Intensity. On this scale, 1 is your lowest physical energy and 10 is your fullest force. If you notice that you feel tense or vocally tired after singing a song or exercise, ask yourself - "What number on the Vocal Intensity Scale am I singing at?". If you find you're at 9 or 10 most of the time, then try singing between 4 and 6. Likely, you'll still be able to achieve what you were aiming for, but in a much easier way. In fact, it will probably come out better using a more moderate Vocal Intensity!

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