August 03, 2017

What keeps us from singing higher and higher and higher â€" until only SPOT and FIDO can enjoy our singing? The Vocal Ligament! Your vocal cords are made up of three distinct layers. The innermost layer is the ThyroArytenoid muscle. The middle layer is has a gelatinous texture and is called the Lamina Propria. The Epithelium is the outermost layer and is mucous-covered "skin" of the vocal cords. Now for the kicker: in the middle of the Lamina Propria resides the Vocal Ligament. The same kind of tissue in your knees and elbows is inside your vocal cords! It's fibrous strands provide stability and strength to the vocal folds and also limit how far they can be stretched. This sounds like bad news, but it's not! The Vocal Ligament saves us from stretching too far and… well... singing with a voice only your dog could love!

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