February 02, 2020

Get more Resonance at no extra cost! Resonance is essentially everything that you can change ABOVE the vocal folds. With Resonance, there is less pressure, effort, and cost to the vocal folds themselves. The good news is - you can get Resonance for FREE! Want more "brightness" in your voice? Don't try to over-compress the vocal folds to create it. Instead, use TWANG. Twang is a narrowing of the vocal tract via the AryEpiglottic Sphincter. This sounds very fancy, but it's easy to accomplish. Try experimenting with Twang characters like witches, nerds, cats, or even a duck. Or, try a vocal exercise on a bright NAAN-NAAN while making sure the larynx and embouchure stay fairly neutral. Twang gives your voice stronger Resonance without costing the vocal folds a thing. It really is the vocal deal of the century!

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